Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Web 2.0 + Non Profit Organization = Synergy ?

    Web 2.0 and Non Profit Organization are two important and relevant trends from our society today and if you analyse the way both are working you can identify lots of common points. Both are:
  • Social Networks
  • Developing collaboration
  • Enabling interaction of differents actors

Today  Non Profit Organizations without any money can almost work as the best world companies.
  • Working from different countries
  • Having a huge external positionning on the web : Blogs, Microblogging, RSS, Social Networks
  • Using Top Collaborative & Communication Tools.

   Web 2.0 Tools are one of the best opportunity of development for lots of organization, they can really be use in a way that unleash the potential from this organization by providing them all the tools required in their daily activity. Some questions around this are:
  • What are the key benefits of this tools ?
  • What are the challenges that this organization are facing with web 2.0 tools ?
  • What are the critical success factors enable this organization to do successful implementation ?

    In order to answer to this questions I’m doing a study on this topic and for this I need your support. If you are activiely working in a Non Profit Organization you can participate to the study. By taking the survey (less than 5 minutes)  Web 2.0 and Non Profit Organizations you will contribute to the study and support the devepment of web 2.0 tools for organization.

The results of the survey & the study will be release on my blog at the end of the month. Feel free  to contact me for any questions,

Thanks in advance for your support,

PS: I promise to give a special portuguese reward to one of the person taking the survey